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RGS Motorsport - The performance car specialist with expertise in full car restorations, ECU remapping and dyno rolling road power runs

RGS have two workshops in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire and specialise in performance tuning of track and road cars. With a large range of services from MOTs, repairs, restorations, tyre fitting, ECU remapping and engine rebuilds.

classic modern sports car servicing restoration performance upgrades THE PERFORMANCE CAR SPECIALIST The performance car specialist with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the motorsport industry. From full restorations to ECU remapping, our care and attention to detail is what your vehicle deserves. facebook instagram linkedin pinterest mouse

Car performance services

Design, tune & build

car ecu remapping perfomance specialist wellingborough

RGS motorsport has successfully re-flashed hundreds of vehicles over the years, we are able to map most kinds of vehicles, diesel or petrol.

We offer a 2400BHP 4WD Dyno Dynamics Rolling Road for your tuning needs. With the large air flow fans, capable of flowing 36,000ft³/min each!

With a history of preparing cars for the track and expert knowledge in the levels of competition racing, you can trust the perfomance car specialist.

With a vast expeirence in classic and modern engines, RGS take on bespoke engine builds tailored to your specific budget and perfomance requirements.

cracked road marking background Workshop 01 The Performance & Tuning Workshop specialises in performance tuning of both road and track vehicles. We offer a wide variety of services and performance parts.

The unit incorporates our 4-Wheel Drive Dyno Dynamics Rolling Road which is capable of handling any car with up 2400 BHP… why not come and see us with your vehicle today!
View workshop 02 small diagonal large diagonal engine build jaguar e type v12 socket set for car servicing
cracked road marking background Workshop 02 The Main Service Workshop is where we carry out our service packages, repairs and maintenance. It houses the high-end workshop equipment and the very latest diagnostic computers.

This workshop also houses our tyre and wheel fitting equipment.
View workshop 02 small diagonal large diagonal ford capri ml1 garage workshop race car engineer removing wheel car socket set servicing
Two Workshops All under one roof


Recent projects

Our work is our word


RGS had the pleasure of servicing this beautiful machine with manufacturers parts, saving the customer the cost and the wait of a branded dealership.

track and race prep fiat abarth


After a sad year under a blanket due to covid, this Fiat is currently being prepped by our technicians for a summer of hill climbs! An entire service and dyno run is in order for a shot at pole position.

dune buggy servicing repairs rgs motorsport

Custom Dune Buggy

This amazing buggy was prepped for a weekend in the rough by RGS. Every system was serviced and its perfomance was tested on the the dyno rolling road.

mk1 ford 3 litre capri restoration rgs motorsport northampton wellingborough

Mk1 Ford Capri

This classic has retired from racing in South Africa and is currently being restored as a 3 litre street machine. Entire engine rebuild, shorterned back axle and a custom mustang dash!


ProfesSional & personal

Cars are beautiful machines.

. . .

We must take care of them if we still want them to get us from A to B. Or we can carefully restore, modify and upgrade to enhance their performance and looks, to suit our own personal style.

Whether our customers come to us for an engine transplant or for the annual MOT, one thing is for sure, they take pride in their cars.

Let RGS be the team that takes pride in your car too.