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A Simply Sunkissed Mustang Dyno Day

A Simply Sunkissed Mustang Dyno Day

A beautiful British summers day can only get better when it’s accompanied by a gorgeous (and brutally powerful) smorgasbord of pony cars! Thanks to the very cool bunch at Simply Mustangs UK, the RGS team had a ton of fun testing their power on their 4WD Dyno Dynamics rolling road.

There were a lot of fingers in the ears and smiles all around as the varied collection hit full throttle on the rollers! The Simply Mustang gang gathered around the big screen to watch the power output of each car as they were tested to their limit. Each owner received a printout of their graphs and the RGS team gave a knowledgable summary of the results, suggesting perfomance improvements for each specific case.

The satin black supercharged {INSERT MODEL} smashed out over 700BHP! Luckily RGS’s rolling road is capable of handling up to 2400BHP and is combined with their huge air flow fans to ensure any race car or vehicle does not overheat and reaches it’s potential.

Not only was it a loud and adrenaline pumping day, it was a feast for the eyes too. With a collection varying from the lovingly looked after classic 1967 fastback, a bonnet bulding Shelby to the literally just off the shelf modern masterpiece – the 2018 5 lite v8.

Burgers, shorts and like minded individuals gassing about their four wheeled babies… just how RGS likes it!

If you would like a hugely fun and loud day filled with back to back power runs, get in touch with RGS to discuss.