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Supercar fest at Sywell aerodrome May 28-29

Supercar fest at Sywell aerodrome May 28-29

We are thrilled to have been part of the prestigious Sywell Supercar festival this year and will continue to have our stand at their future events. The cars at this show, with the additonal First Point Hypercar zone, often top £1m+! So some real eye candy!

As always, we love showing off the work we have done on our customers’ supercars and superbikes.

This year we brought a Dazzling white McLaren 520s, a Nissan GTR Lichfield spec (one hell of a BHP! 631+ after a dyno run and tune!), a Ferrari 458 Spider DCT S-A and a Camaro SS. Bit of a serious line up and we are so thankful for our clients letting us show this beauts off.

The runway put 50 plus hypercars through their paces in a speed trap, recording their max speeds and overall time. All this action made even more fun by the fact that once one ferocious model has completed the long right onto the 1km runway, a chaser car is released seconds later. Think cheetahs and gazelles on the discover channel!

The entire event hosted campers and put on live music late into the evenings. We showed our softer side and offered cupcakes too!

This event was a real joy to be at and comes highly recommended by RGS. If you want to get a ticket next year, visit